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Der Blutharsch - From then to now! - excerpts from CDs -
September 08, 2010 03:26 AM PDT
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Der Blutharsch has changed its musical style from 1996 to nowadays tremendously but still remained unique - here we show excerpts of what made the band a synonym for a genre they have mainly created: martial music - and how they transformed their style to the nowadays more psychedellic guitar based outfit:


track 2 - 1st CD -

track 10 - Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens heil CD -

track 2 - Der Gott der Eisen wachsen ließ - Moment of truth CD -

track 2 - Pleasures received in pain CD -

track 3 - The track of the hunted CD -

track 6 - Live at the monastery CD -

track 6 - Everything is alright CD -

track 7 - Live in Copenhagen CD -

track 8 - Time is thee enemy CD -

track 7 - Live in Leiden CD -

track 5 - The Philosopher´s stone CD -

track 5 - When did Wonderland end? CD -

track 7 - Flying High CD -

track 1 - 1st CD -


all CDs at: www.tesco-germany.com

Changes - pre-listening medley of 2 CDs
September 30, 2010 05:50 AM PDT
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Changes are around nearly 40 years, their down to the earth folk tracks a big audience even nowadays. "Fire of Life" their first album is sold out a while ago. Here we present a medley of tracks from " Lament" their latest CD while  " Orphan in the storm" is also still in stock. Taste their very unique sound and distinctive voice.


visit us: www.tesco-germany.com

Fremdheit: Fire + Ice and Verdandi CDs pre-listening medley!
October 04, 2010 05:06 AM PDT
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Fire + Ice needs no introduction Ian Reads band remains one of the original neofolk projects existing since the early 90´s and his split from Sol Invictus. He has not released any new CD since 2000 but Birdking and his other CDs are longtime classics which none should miss.

Verdandi is an american classic folk project the females singers voice is a typical example for those educated artists in that genre.


visit us: www.tesco-germany.com

Blood Axis - Born again CD pre-listening medley
September 25, 2010 12:50 AM PDT
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Blood Axis´ Gospel of inhumanity is a classic of its own in this genre - Born Again will it be it! A fantastic recorded wellballanced piece of music  - listen and deceide!


visit us: www.tesco-germany.com

Der Blutharsch - Flying High CD/LP pre-listening
September 16, 2010 04:59 AM PDT
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“Flying High!” with this psychedelic combat cry, one of the most eccentric and innovative projects from Austria returns. On their ninth studio album, Der Blutharsch continues travelling in the direction they took back in 2005, when the former guru of martial industrial/military pop, Albin Julius, and his band, rocketed towards the deep space of psychedelia. One of the most controversial bands of the last decade staked its claim anew, totally breaking with old images, clichés and tunes. Having already started on the last album “The Philosopher’s Stone,” the walls of guitars and repetitive chants are recognizable. Flying High! transforms this into a programmatic climax. If you start thinking Sunn O))), Guru Guru, Amon Dül, Tangerine Dream or Godspeed You! Black Emperor you are not to far away, but most of the apocalyptic feeling which you are already used to is still inherent. Highly influenced by the American west coast sound of the late sixties with small doses of that which some people used to call Krautrock. The tracks develop into each other, ambient parts followed by ecstatic deathrock songs and then they glide into a wall of sound. The guest parts on the vocal side are full of well known artists: besides Bain Wolfkind and Albin Julius or Gianni Serusi, you discover 1980s legend Patrick Leagas who celebrates the title song in his typical distinctive manner. Flying High! is a dark record, it mixes eros and deathwish, productivity with destructivity. Since the release of “When Did Wonderland End?,” Der Blutharsch have mutated into a psychedelic rock monster; their motto, “into new territories!;” their symbol for this mutation, a battle fought not by marching but by flying, “Flying High!” Flying High! is a weird trip for blown minds through the dark worlds of today’s society, passing love, hate and lust during its journey into the center of the sun! The CD comes in a stunning foil blocked digipak, painted with glow-in-the-dark ink, covered in a neatly-designed folder.

this is a short pre-listening!

visit us: www.tesco-germany.com

Derniere Volonte - Immortel - CD / LP+7" excerpts!
September 09, 2010 07:32 AM PDT
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Immortel, Derniere Volonte`s 5th studio album took 4 years in making and marks their 15th anniversary! It is a huge development from the former style which redefined the therm "military pop" to a more homoguene, less neoclassic but much more modern in sounds, more electronic but organic at the same time - and reinvents a style Geoffroy D has been influenced since his early days. The themes on Immortel are effected by books, movies or personal experiences of Geoffroy but reflects in general his personal feelings about beloved people and their spirit which is and always will be present in our souls and memories. Immortel is another milestone in the oevre of one of France`s most interresting band from the underground scene and will for sure attract fans from the early days but a lot of new fans from other musical scenes.

these small excerpts should show the way DV have generated!

Bain Wolfkind - Pre-listening medley of 2 CDs
September 25, 2010 12:45 AM PDT
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Bain Wolfkind who formerly worked under the name Novo Homo is a fixed member of Der Blutharsch his destinctive voice is hard not recon. Here we put together a short medley of The swamp angel and Wasteland. Music for lovers and gangster build already a big fanbase, so you may also find his latest work of interest - just listen to the voice speaking of death and abuse.


visit us: www.tesco-germany.com

Naevus - pre-listening medley of Hauruck CDs
October 04, 2010 05:19 AM PDT
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The british group Naevus is not just a simple neofolk or folk band, their music varies so often that it could also be experimental rock. Give their CDs a try. Silent Life and Relatively close to the sea are the CDs presented here.


visit us: www.tesco-germany.com

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