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Industrial Broadcast 7: Pacific 231 - Compendium 1983-86 2CD pre-listening medley!
October 20, 2010 01:39 AM PDT
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  RELEASE DATE: end October!

Pacific 231 is active since 1981, starting with a limited edition Psychic Euthanasia tape recorded in total stereo, Pacific 231 was involved into VP 231 for a few years alongside Vox Populi!. His  first LP "Unusual Perversions" was released in 1984. After some references, VP 231 was terminated following the double LP L'Enfer est Intime international compilation. Today, Pacific 231 is the co-producer on all his productions. From 1987 "Power Assume" second LP on Bunker Records in Canada to his most recent release !

This DCD Compendium* is a selective collection of early 80's Pacific 231 works.
More than 48 hours of recordings coming from reel-to-reel tapes has been unveiled and carefully converted to recover two hours worth of material. The production has been split

in two parts as the 1st CD is Studio and the 2nd is Live. As a matter of interest, for the "Unusual Perversions"  fans out there, a good percentage of the archives are circa 1984 and unreleased.

* A compendium is a concise, yet comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge.
A compendium may summarize a larger work.

EAN: 4038846200175  (functional 017)


CD 1:
Studio Data Archive 1
Studio Data Archive 2
Studio Data Archive 3
Studio Data Archive 4
Studio Data Archive 5
Studio Data Archive 6

CD 2:
Live Data Archive 1
Live Data Archive 2
Live Data Archive 3
Live Data Archive 4
Live Data Archive 5



functional 017


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Industrial Broadcast 8: Objekt/Urian - Agitation CD pre-listening medley!
October 20, 2010 01:23 AM PDT
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RELEASE DATE: end October!

  After more than six years «OBJEKT/URIAN» from Germany release their long-awaited second CD  «Tesco Organisation». Being part of the local sub-culture scene this step was obvious!

Objekt/Urians sound is a post-industrial old school one, the regards and influences of the early waves of the genre are not to deny.
Music, content and ambitions might have changed according to the perspectives. But we  can find a combination of yesterday´s  and today´s music culture within «OBJEKT/URIAN».
They stroll down the old paths by building instruments by themselves as well as they use analogue technology. The result is a quite distinct sound yet it always reveals the nearness to Power-Electronics and Noise. The incredibly blurred and ugly aspect of social and political issues is almost foist on the listener with the aggressive vocals.

The tracks «Chamber Music» and «The price we have to pay» have already reached some sort of scene-hit status at local events. They will also be on this CD.

The listener may perceive the broadness of sense and the profundity of the slogan
«... he who attacks first, dies second».  

The CD comes in a nice embossed digipak. 

EAN: 4038846000836  (TESCO 083)


1. Warning
2. The price we have to pay
3. Agitation
4. Jesus
5. Anneliese m.
6 Despair
7. Chamber Music
8 Purpose
9 Liberty
10. Gulag
11 Lebenswille





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Industrial Broadcast 1: Ke/Hil - Hellstation (Medley) pre-listening
September 04, 2010 03:08 AM PDT
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is the new moniker of B.Moloch and W.Herich, both active in Anenzephalia and Genocide Organ,

Ke/Hil was created to share their sociopolitical and musical worldview. The first release "Hellstation" will soon be out via Tesco Organisation Germany visit us: www.tesco-germany.com

Industrial Broadcast 2: THO-SO-AA - Identify CD excerpts!
September 09, 2010 07:54 AM PDT
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Tho-so-aa is one of Germany´s dark ambient outfits that has been around already for more than a decade. Having released significant numbers of wellknown CDs - their new CD goes way over the normal easylistening ambient music - a personal accounting with far more industrial influences then shown on the previous CDs. We hope these small excerpts show their talents.

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Industrial Broadcast 3: Post Scriptvm - Grey Eminence CD excerpts!
September 10, 2010 02:13 AM PDT
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Over the past years Post Scriptvm developed more and more to a band that break the dark ambient  genre - their music generates experimental and industrial even power electronics tunes. Since their first releases Marginal Existence and Raspad the are well established. This mix should give a preview ontheir latest album.

4th full-length offering from these masters of existential necroindustrial. Grey Eminence is a meditation on the clandestine forces laboring tirelessly to prevent humanity from achieving its ultimate spiritual goals. Eight completely focused and meticulously executed compositions akin to an emotionally stirring haunted carousel ride through the vibrant, surreal and grotesque mental imagery, netherworld of paranoid illusions, mystic transmissions, secret rituals, somber and horrific visions of a civilization in decline. The lethargic torpors of ebbing and flowing analog pulsations and textures, augmented with obscure samples, acoustic string and percussion instruments alternate with violent hailstorms of rusted scrap metal, moans of apocalyptic machinery and serpentine invocations. Mastered by Andreas Wanhmann of Fir§t Law. Founded in New York City in 1999 Post Scriptvm creates bleak electronic music spanning a variety of post-industrial genres and described by the reviewers as concertedly dreamlike, mesmerizing, claustrophobic, and disturbing. Post Scriptvm's releases possess the emotional dynamics of a manic-depressive disorder. The compositions flow from eerie, hypnotizing death ambient structures to the visceral intensity of industrial noise, invoking surreal, Kafkaesque mental imagery as well as an overwhelming anguish of metaphysical horror. Post Scriptvm released material via various labels in the USA, Italy, France and Germany. The project is best known for their releases on Jerome Nougaillons (Propergol) label Hermetique and the most recent, critically acclaimed album "Raspad", out on Tesco Organization, as well as their well-received live performances at several industrial music festivals in USA and in Europe. For more information please visit www.postscriptvm.com Tracks: 1. Bell Glass Dome 2. Abortion of Memory 3. Tarantulla Pattern 4. Nausea Vortex 5. Upon Decadent Scum 6. Rauschnarkoz 7. Homo Spectator 8. White Shamans EAN: 4038846000799 TESCO ORGANISATION (TESCO 079) MySpace: www.myspace.com/postscriptvm


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Industrial Broadcast 4: Apoptose - Bannwald CD excerpts!
September 10, 2010 02:31 AM PDT
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On a Friday in September many years ago three girls went into a large forest in northern Germany. They never returned. Apoptose followed their path into the woods and listened closely to the voices whispering among the trees. The new album »Bannwald« reflects the girls' journey to a realm of witchcraft, fairy-tales and ancient goddesses. Here in the green twilight of rustling leafs and crackling twigs nothing is as it seems and reality is covered by a thick layer of autumn foliage. The German term »Bannwald« bears a double meaning: On one hand it stands for a protected woodland where nobody is allowed to cut trees or even to enter. On the other hand »Bann« is an ancient word for ban or spell. After the urban nightmares of the last CD »Schattenmädchen« Apoptose come back to the northern wilderness once more - the home of their very first album »Nordland«. This time with extended lineup: Those who had the chance to attend one of the rare live performances already know the voice of singer Silke and the enormous rhythms of the 15 drummers of the Fanfarenzug Leipzig. On »Bannwald« they join forces again to invoke the spirits of moss-covered stones and hidden glades. Needless to say, this CD comes in an outstandingly designed multiple-panel foldout cover featuring an 8-page booklet and a separate cardboard CD-sleeve. Running Time: 51min.  TESCO ORGANISATION (TESCO 078) Tracklist: 1. Die drei Schwestern 2. Hexenring 3. Ein Jahr und ein Tag 4. Haltet Euch fern! 5. Vivian und Wiebke 6. Berkanas Traum 7. Im Bannwald  More information: www.apoptose.net MySpace:www.myspace.com/apoptose TESCO 078


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Industrial Broadcast 5: Tesco Organisation - The Noisy side mix from CDs
September 19, 2010 08:58 AM PDT
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Here we give an overview over a selection of power electronics, noise and industrial releases we´ve done over the years. Its just a small example and a small number out of more than 80 releases on the Tesco Label of which of course not all fit the noisy side. A variety of those releases are still in stock, so check them out if you like one or the other Artist.

Wertham - Pigsty - from: Memories from the pigsty CD

The Grey Wolves - Crawl - from: Age of Dissent LP

Propergol - La vie en rose - from: Renegade CD

The Grey Wolves - Empty Threat - from: Age of Dissent LP

Post Scriptvm - Upon decadent scum - from: Grey Eminence CD

Last Dominion Lost - Hell to pay - from: Tyranny of distance CD/LP

Ke/Hil - Adrenalin - from: Hellstation CD/LP (forthcoming)

The Grey Wolves - We don´t care - from: Division CD

Anenzephalia - Priests - from: Noehaem CD/LP

Genocide Organ - I kept my faith - from: Live in Japan DVD/CD/LP

Anenzephalia - Turn the tide - from: Projected Void 7"

Genocide Organ - We care for you - from: In-Konflikt CD/LP

Industrial Broadcast 6: Functional Organisation mix from CDs
September 16, 2010 05:20 AM PDT
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Functional Organisation was established as the side-label of Tesco Orgaisation to release special rare tape and soldout essentials of the genre. Here we are giving a short mixed selection of what has been done.


Con Demek - Christian Phone sex Pt.2  from: Technological shack job CD

Con-Dom - Seven pillars of wisdom  - from: Seven pillars of wisdom CD

Contrastate - Black december - from: i CD

Contrastate - The end of history? - from: Throwing out the baby with the bathwater CD

Dagda Mor - Plains of heaven - from: The border of the light CD

Dieter Müh - Serve us right - from: Cari saluti CD

Illusion of Safety - 7-21-87 - from: Fifteen CD

No festival of light - Trans/Cendence - from: Officina Gentium Vagina Nation CD

Propergol - Cleanshaven / Joshua Deny / Dans les veines - from: Cleanshaven DCD


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Tesco Organisation Germany - The dark side - excerpts from CDs
September 09, 2010 07:23 AM PDT
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Over the past decades Tesco has shown its devotion to dark industrial pieces, not just dark ambient - the music is not so silent and ambient as the name says - its not wellness, wellbeing music its music for the dense and exiting moments in life. Here we present of a selection of bands that are already famous for what they do or hopefully will become better known.


Apoptose - Bannwald CD  - Track 3

Isomer - Serpent Age CD - The sun shall reign

Galerie Schallschutz - Haarp CD -Greetings from Gakona 

Tho-so-aa - Identify CD - I finally made it

Janitor - Qoumran 4 ever CD - Habels bolet Port Said

Land : Fire - Pysical:Mentaltonguesycological CD - Physical-Mental-Psychological

Galerie Schallschutz - Montauk CD - Neural tunneling

Post Scriptvm - Raspad CD - Ruins of men

Apoptose - Blutopfer CD - In die NAcht

Isomer - Face towards the sun CD - Face towards the sun

Vortex - Phaenomenea CD - Roads

Apoptose - Schattenmädchen CD - 2 Sonnen

Galerie Schallschutz - Live in Antwerpen CD - track 6

Post Scriptvm - Grey Eminence CD - Home spectator

Bocksholm - Excursions by the bank of the river CD - Iron against society

Contrastate - A live coal under the ashes CD - Breaking the strawmen


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COTA - pre-listening medley of 2CDs
September 30, 2010 05:56 AM PDT
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COTA is an underestimated american ritual project. Their music is very relaxing and longlasting, most of the instruments used have been played live at once while recording. The band is still to discover and will remain in your head with the ritual drummings and dense atmospheres.

the tracks here are from: "Ta`will" CD and "Marches and Meditations" CD


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